Das Rezensionsmenu für Eine Handvoll Rosinen von Daniel Zipfel


recipe for 2:

100g Basmati rice

sea salt

40g butter

a pinch piment grounded

3 tb dill chopped

3 scallions chopped

30g raisins

25g pine nuts

black pepper fresh grounded

how to do:

add the rice into a bowl & cover with cold water

wash it with your fingers till the water is dull

repeat it 3 times with fresh water

soak the rice & 1 ts salt into warm water for 20-60 min.

add butter into a pot till it foams

add piment & 2 tb dill for 1 min.

add the scallions into for 5 min.

add the decanted rice, raisins & pine nuts, mix it

add salted & peppered water to cover 5mm higher than the rice

cover it with a wetted parchement paper on the water to let boil for 3 min.

if it starts to boil cover the pot with a lid

let simmer for 3 min. till the rice is done to serve

sprinkle the rice with 1 tb dill


look, smell & go for the show…

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