Ein Teil von ihr or a thriller with an added value

I‘ ve never attended one of these tupperware parties. A room filled with fevered middle-old ladies who celebrate the release of a plastik box with a matching plastic lid as the arrival of the savior confuse me. After reading Karin Slaughters new thriller „Ein Teil von ihr“ I know I should have to be terrified of these sticklers for order and run as far away from them as my feet could carry me.

According to Andrea, one of the female heroes, Dr. Laura Oliver, a 55 years old, succesful speech therapist, is this kind of a conventional woman who “always knew where all the tops were to her Tupperware.” As Andy is enjoying a chatty birthday lunch with her mum a young maniac enters the dinner & kills two guests & threatens to kill the 31 year old woman. Her mother who interposes the attacker, dispatches him with some Hollywood-style moves whereupon the young man attacks her with a knife which she tries to impede by nothing but her hand with the result that her palm is pierced by it. During the following assault she defends herself with the knife in her hand which first enters into his neck & one move later slits it from one ear to the other.

Andrea is shocked by the attack of the maniac but far from stronger of her killing machine like mother. Has she believed the day could not be worse, she has been wrong. A cellphone filmed slow motion version of the stabbing has broadcasted in continuous loop by CNN. Laura’s face on all screens of the US leads to a further death & Andi’s expulsion out of her apartment over her mums garage in the same night. Completely confused she is set on a run with an access to an Alabama storage unit whose contents raise much more questions.

Andy wonders who is this unrecognizable woman known as her mum? Is she, who has killed a 18 year old with a smile, really her mother? Has she ever really known her?

For the rest of the novel she tries to find answers & so does the reader.

Karin Slaughter, an American bestseller author,  is popular for her drastic representation of violence but it does not end in itself, she has a claim  „good crime fiction holds a mirror up to society and tells readers what’s going on in the world.“ and this is what she proofs in her newest thriller. There is a voracious pharma company, a shameful mental health care system, sexual abuse, terrorism to save the world & pathological family relationships.

And because for Slaughter „plot matters as much as characters“, her figures are real person, not stereotypes. The reader get a story of the growing & emancipation of two insecure young women to become confident grown-ups.

If you read Ein Teil von ihr you get a verily exciting thriller with an interesting added value.


Karin Slaughter: Ein Teil von ihr. Harper Collins. 2018





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